Stanley and I were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the end of April and had a fabulous time.  We were there to participate in the Denton Arts and Jazz festival.  Here are a few highlights from the trip.

No trip to Amarillo would be complete without a stop at the Cadillac Ranch.  It is off of I-40 right before or right after Amarillo depending on which direction you are traveling.  Take exit 60 onto the frontage road and keep an eye out because at certain times of the year it can be hard to find due to crops growing around it.

Bring some spray paint along.

We had lunch at The Big Texan.  It had always wanted to stop there and I wish I had done it sooner.  It was fun and the food was pretty good. It is probably not the best place for a vegetarian or a vegan though.

Stanley was overjoyed that his salad and his dinner came with a jalapeño and that there was tabasco at the table.

The second day of our trip we decided to do a little sight seeing and headed to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.  It was my first visit there.  I had not realized what a beautiful museum it is.  I love their entrance.

This is the entrance to the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, TX.

I really enjoyed their Asian wing.

I saw all kinds of women wearing rubber boots with all kinds of different outfits.  It wasn’t raining so I think it is a new fashion statement.  I may have to get myself some.

Of course I had to stop at QuikTrip to get one of their disgustingly sweet but actually really good coffee drinks.

We were there to participate in the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.  Here is a picture of our booth/tent.

This is on our way home, on I-40. I haven’t driven to Texas in many years and couldn’t believe how many new windmills there are now. I am fascinated by them.  I even wish I could install one in my backyard.  Maybe one day.